Top Low Impact Machines – Rowing Machines Or Exercise Bikes

Choosing between a rowing machine or exercise bike is not an easy task, there’s an element of hesitation and dilemma that tend to creep in as you try to make your mind up. It’s for this reason that we hope to help you make an informed decision on which way to go.

There’s no doubt that the rower seems to be more tasking and demanding but the fact is that it’s more efficient relatively compared to the exercise bikes, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. However, some people are trying to build muscles, strengthen their legs or even buttocks. We’re going to address all these concerns in this article. In some extreme cases you might be having an injury in your back or knees, then how do you address such issues? We’re going address all these issues in an effort to ensure that you make the right decisions.

Rowing Machine or Exercise Bike for Weight Loss?

If you’re considering losing weight then you need to understand that both of these machines give you some really nice cardio workout that will go a long way in burning calories. This stems from the fact that both machines can be used in different varying intensity workouts. This is done using the machines capability to adjust the resistance.

Exercise Bikes Vs. Rowing Machines: Which One Burns More Fat/Calories?
This is one of those questions where it all depends on hard and how long you exercise. The idea is that both machines operate using the same principle, the only difference is that the rowing machine incorporates an additional feature that works using the arms to rower.

Both machines can burn the same amount of calories if you engaged in intensive training for one hour. However, as you decrease the time and intensity, the number of calories burnt will also decrease.

How About The Exercise Bike’s Efficiency?

There’s one factor that you need to consider about the exercise bikes, they have the element of ease of use in that one can exercise for prolonged periods using a stationary bike. You’ll, therefore, find it easier to exercise on a bike for a prolonged period compared to working out on a rowing machine. This is especially true if you consider the tasking position that you’ll be in while working out on the rowing machine. On the other hand, movements on the bike are constant and comfortable.


Which Machine is Best For Losing Weight?

Considering the information above, it’s obvious that the exercise bike is much better if you’re considering losing weight. The bike gives you the opportunity to alternate different cardio workouts over a period of one hour to several minutes depending on your stamina.

Muscle Groups Used In Both Machines?

These machines are both cardio fitness machines, this implies that they both work out the heart. However, they also help in refining the muscles by making them firm.

Both machines also help you strengthen your legs, buttocks, and thighs. On this note, if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s important to consider these machines, they’ll help you a great deal.

However, we need to mention that the rowing machine uses more body muscles compared to the bike. However, most of the effort comes from the legs while the rest comes from the arms and pendulum movement.

The rowing machine works-out the following muscles:

Leg, thigh, gluteal, calf, anterior tibial, arms, back, abdominal, and deltoids Muscles

Why Use Rowing Machines?

There are certain situations when you might have to consider using the rowing machine over the exercise bike. This is the case when you want to exercise more muscle groups as mentioned above.

Strengthening The Thigh Muscles

The two machines do a good job in strengthening the thighs, this is because they make it possible to increase the resistance to the desired level. This helps the thigh muscles work harder due to the varying levels of resistance.

The exercise bike does a great job at working out the thigh muscles and legs, these machines give you the capability to focus and concentrate your effort on this section of the body. This gives you an added advantage to prolong your exercise for long period, this is unlike the case with the rowing machine which will task you after some time.

However, we need to mention that muscles are not built easily, you need to put in the effort that’s required before you can see any substantial results. On this note, we recommend that you increase the resistance on the machine. Resistance also helps you to burn more calories.

Which Machine Works Best If You Have An Injury?

In the event that you have a back problem or a knee injury, you need to be cautious about which machine you’ll work with. Understand that the stationary bike puts very little strain on the back of your back, unlike the rower which puts lots of pressure on the back.
On the other hand, if you have a knee injury, you need to be cautious but the advantage with the exercise bike is that it allows you to adjust the level of resistance, this ensures that you don’t apply excessive pressure on your knees.

This is why we highly recommend that you use a stationary bike if you have a knee injury. It will help you rehabilitate the knee by exercising under moderate pressure. On the other hand, you’ll not have any issues with your back.

Considering the rowing machine, we find that it’s very demanding on your back. This is very good for strengthening the back but if you have an injury it will not be ideal. This is why you need to evaluate your situation before you decide on which way to go. The other thing that you need to consider is the bending that you need to do while using the rowing machine.
We highly recommend that people with knee or back problems and even the elderly should use exercise bikes since they’re more ideal.

Additional Points To Consider

Adopting the right technique while training on a rowing machine is also detrimental if you’re trying to avoid back pains. Ideally, you push the machine using the legs then slide the seat backward and then pull it using your arms. This motion should then be repeated the other way round.

Pros And Cons of The Exercise Bike And The Rowing Machine

Both machines are cardio workout machines which offer many benefits to the cardiovascular system and the heart. They also improve your overall endurance and fitness thus allowing you to strengthen your buttocks, legs, and thighs. They also help you lose weight is you engage in a proper exercise regimen.


Pros Of The Exercise bike

The exercise bike is easy to handle
Offers different capabilities or you to engage in various training routines
They can facilitate interval and cardio workouts
Effective for training the legs and thighs
They’re safe for the joints
They’re ideal for beginners

Cons While Using The Rowing Machines

Rowing machines call for some level of experience before one can grasp the right position and movements
They’re demanding when used for interval and cardio workouts
They’re demanding when used for ankle joints, hips, and knees


It’s pretty obvious that the exercise bike is more user-friendly. This is the case of you consider uses such as weight loss, muscle toning, rehabilitation, or even staying in shape.

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